Flowcomm Projects & Service BV, established with office headquarters in (8472 BD) Wolvega, at de Zeeweegbree 13, is a full-service supplier for optimised hygienic production processes. First-rate engineering, quality processing equipment and service. Everything under the same roof. (KVK number: 73667803). The component parts described above can be found displayed on Flowcomm Projects & Service BV’s website. This privacy statement applies to all parts listed. A great deal of personal and company information of users of our services as well as supplier information managed by Flowcomm Projects & Service BV is stored and managed by our internal IT department. Flowcomm Products & Services BV complies with the Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (General Data Protection Regulation) as well as other European legislation and regulations regarding privacy.

Collection and processing of personal information/data

Any time you make use of one of the services offered by Flowcomm Projects & Service BV, your company and personal information/data is processed. This occurs in several ways and for various purposes and Flowcomm Projects & Services BV maintains a minimum 7-year storage period. In the passages below, the terms “information” and “data” shall be understood to include company information and data as well as information and data of a personal nature. Have a look below to determine which category is best suited to your situation:

• Are you an online visitor to the website

If you visit our websites, then you have already provided Flowcomm Projects & Service BV with information without realising it. This might be e.g. information about your device, such a unique device ID, the version of operating system you are using as well as settings you use on your device to access services offered by Flowcomm Projects & Service BV. However, it may also include user information regarding the services you use, including date and time, duration of use and details of the service. In addition, information regarding your location sent from your mobile device, or information traced to your IP address may be used, as far as these are transmitted to Flowcomm Projects & Service BV. If you have sent an email via the website, then this mail will be stored for a minimum of 7 years.

• If you are a supplier working for or with Flowcomm Projects & Service BV

Flowcomm Projects & Service BV uses the information you provide (including company name and other information, chamber of commerce registration number, VAT number, telephone number, contact person, email address, bank account number, administrative information, orders, purchases, website information, agreement) in order to implement the agreement you have reached with us. Your information/data will be stored for a minimum of seven years following completion of the agreement.

• If you are a business client working for or with Flowcomm Projects & Service BV

Flowcomm Projects & Services BV uses the information you provide (including consent form, personal and company information, telephone information, chamber of commerce registration number, VAT number, legal form, gender, birthday, email address, IBAN, order and payment details for financial purposes) in order to implement the agreement constituted. Your information/data will be stored for a minimum of 7 years.

• If you are an employee working for or with Flowcomm Projects & Service BV

Flowcomm Projects & Services uses the information you provide (including name and address details, telephone number, date of birth, IBAN number, citizenship status, diplomas and certification, confidentiality form and various other information) in order to implement the agreement you have reached with us. Your information/data will be stored for a minimum of 7 years following completion of this agreement.

Basis for processing information/data

We are only permitted to process your personal information in legitimate fashion if we do so in accordance with legislative requirements. We process your personal information because this is necessary in order to implement the agreement between yourself and our company, as required in accordance with Article 6, clause 1 subclause b of the Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG) (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter “GDPR”). In addition, we are entitled to process your personal information for other legitimate purposes, such as to inform our clients regarding current events or changes in the services we offer. This basis is set down in Article 6 clause 1 subclause f of the GDPR.

Special personal information

Flowcomm Projects & Service BV has no intention of collecting information or data regarding online visitors under the age of 16 via its website or in relation to its services. However, Flowcomm Projects & Service BV cannot verify as to whether an online visitor is over the age of 16. Should you become convinced that Flowcomm Projects & Service BV has collected personal information or data concerning a minor without parental consent, please contact us via so that we can remove this information.

Protection of information

Flowcomm Projects & Service BV uses a wide variety of security procedures to safeguard the processed information/data to prevent unauthorised persons from gaining access to this information, as well as for other purposes. Your personal and company information are stored in secure drives and in the Cloud. In particular, we implement the following measures:

  1. Access to personal information is protected with the aid of a username and password;
  2. Following receipt, the information/data is saved in a separate, secure and protected system;
  3. We implement physical measures (solid security with the aid of builder’s hardware and electronic security) to ensure protected access to the system used to store personal information.
  4. We use secure connections (Secure Sockets Layer or SSL) which protect all information passing between you and our website whenever you enter any personal information or data.
  5. We maintain logs with details of all retrievals of personal and company information.
  6. Various authorities have been designated within Flowcomm Projects & Service BV, and only members of the executive board and officers of the company are permitted access to personal and company information/data.
  7. Digital back-ups are also created. These are very well protected (username + password + two-step verification);
  8. We also have processing agreements with our external partner(s).
    Should you discover any signs or indications of misuse, please contact us at


Everybody who is employed at Flowcomm Projects & Service BV, and who accordingly has access to your personal information/data, is obliged to maintain confidentiality with regard to this personal information/data. In order to process personal information, everybody involved in the processing is required to undertake an obligation to maintain confidentiality. This obligation arises on the basis of professional or occupational responsibility or in accordance with the employment agreement signed by the person in question.

Processing register

Flowcomm Projects & Service maintains a common register of all processing activities performed under its responsibility. This register contains the following information:

  1. The name and contact information of the responsible party and, if applicable, of the officer or agent responsible for protection of the information/data;
  2. The objective of the processing;
  3. The categories of information/data with which the processing is concerned;
  4. The categories of recipients to whom the personal information is being transmitted;
  5. If possible, the anticipated time period within which the personal information/data is to be deleted; if possible, a description of the technical and organisational measures implemented.

Use of cookies

The Flowcomm Projects & Services BV website uses cookies on its website to offer its products and services. You can find more information about the use of cookies and comparable technologies below.

Websites employ convenient and practical techniques to enhance user friendliness as well as to make the site more interesting to its visitors. The most familiar examples of this kind of technology are cookies and scripts (hereinafter referred to collectively as “cookies”).

Cookies can be used by website owners or by third parties communicating via the website you are visiting. The use of cookies is secure. No personal information, such as a telephone number or an email address, can be traced from the cookie. This ensures that cookies cannot be used for email and telemarketing activities. We think it’s extremely important that you be aware with respect to precisely what cookies are employed by our website, and for what purposes.

We want to assure both your privacy as well as the user-friendly nature of our website as much as possible.
Below, you can read more about the cookies used by and via our website, and for what purposes.
• Functional
• Analytics
• Other
• Browser settings

Cookies that ensure the website’s proper functioning

Our website uses cookies to:
• Store preferences, such as language, location, the desired number of search results displayed, etc.
• Read your browser settings for optimum display of our website on your screen

Cookies we use to measure use of our website  

In order to determine what components of the website our visitors find most interesting, we use software provided by third parties to keep a constant count of how many visitors come to our site, as well as what they look at the most. This is why we use cookies. Statistics are then compiled on the basis of the information we collect in this manner. These statistics give us insight into how often visitors come to our webpage as well as where, precisely, our visitors spend the most time, and so forth. This allows us to keep the structure, navigation and content of the website as convenient and user friendly as possible so you can enjoy your visit! We do not trace the statistics and other reports to individual persons.

We use cookies to:
• keep track of the number of visitors to our webpages;
• keep track of the amount of time each visitor spends on our webpages;
• determine the order in which a visitor moves through the different pages on our website;
• evaluate what parts of our website require adjustment;
• optimise the website.

Other / unforeseeable cookies
Because of the way cookies and the internet work, it can occur that we are not always aware of cookies placed via our website by third parties. This will particularly be the case if our webpages contain so-called embedded elements; these are texts, documents, pictures and films that have been stored with another party, but displayed on, in or via our website. Should you encounter cookies that, although they fall into this category, are not mentioned above, please let us know about it. You can either contact us directly or contact the third party and ask what cookies they have installed, what the lifetime of the cookie is and how they have ensured your privacy.

Browser settings
If you do not want us to install any cookies on your computer, you can adjust your browser settings to send you a message warning you before any cookies are installed. You can also adjust the settings in such a way as to have your browser refuse to accept any cookies, or to only reject cookies installed by third parties. You can also remove all the cookies that have been installed.
Please note that you will have to adjust each browser and computer you use separately. Be aware that if you don’t want cookies, we can no longer guarantee that our website will function very well.
Some of the websites features may not work, or you may no longer be able to view certain websites at all. Adjustment options differ from browser to browser. If required, use your browser’s help function to go directly to the manual for your browser. If you want to disable cookies installed by a specific party, then you can do this via

Concluding remarks
We shall be required to make adjustments to these declarations from time to time, in the event changes are made to our website or to the rules and regulations regarding cookies. We reserve the right to modify the contents of the declarations and the cookies listed without prior notice. You can consult this declaration for the most recent version.
Should you still have questions and/or comments, then contact us via

Websites of third parties

This declaration does not apply to websites maintained by third parties and connected to our service via links. We cannot guarantee that these third parties will handle your personal information in a secure or confidential manner. We recommend that you read the privacy declarations of these websites before visiting them or making use of them. Flowcomm Projects & Service BV cannot assume any liability for any use you may make of the websites of third parties.

Sharing personal information with third parties

Flowcomm Projects & Service BV does not sell your information to third parties and only transmits your information where necessary in order to implement the (purchase) agreement concluded with the client or to comply with a legal obligation.

Viewing, adjustment or removal

You have the right to view your personal information, as well as to correct it or to remove it. If you have a question or request, then you can send us an email at together with a copy of your passport or identity card. You are entitled to conceal your BSN (burgerservicenummer = citizen service number), date of birth as well as your photograph.

In principle, Flowcomm Projects & Service BV will respond to a request to inspect or make corrections within two weeks.
If a request is made for removal, Flowcomm Projects & Servce BV shall remove the personal information concerned as quickly as possible, unless and to such extent as the information’s continued storage is required in accordance with law in order to protect the personal information concerned, or if there are other pressing reasons preventing removal. Following execution of a request for removal, Flowcomm Projects & Service BV will send you a confirmation report.

If Flowcomm Projects & Service has (partially) not removed the personal information concerned, Flowcomm Projects & Service will send you a report explaining why the request could not be (fully) executed.
If Flowcomm Projects & Services BV does not or does not fully determine the identity of the personal information to which a request for inspection, correction or removal refers, then Flowcomm Projects & Service can ask you to provide further details regarding your request. Execution of the request will then be postponed until you have provided the additional details.

Changes and modifications

Flowcomm Projects & Service reserves the right to make changes to the privacy statement. For this reason, you should check the privacy statement on a frequent basis for any such changes or modifications. This version became effective on April 28, 2021. Processing of the personal and company information is subject to the law of the Netherlands. The changes or modifications will automatically take effect following publication.

Questions or complaints

If you still have any questions, or should you have a complaint about our privacy policy, you can direct an initial inquiry to Flowcomm Projects & Service BV in Wolvega or send us a report at The officer responsible for matters involving personal information is Mylou Rijnberg. In addition, you can contact the Data Protection Authority (Netherlands) should you wish to make a complaint regarding the use of personal information. You can use the form published on the Data Protection Authority’s website to transmit your complaint:

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